Cloud Native Applications

A container-ready application is also known as being cloud native and should abide by the guidelines in the The Twelve-Factor App.

All container-ready applications should minimally contain the following code instrumentations:

  1. Liveness checks
  2. Readiness checks
  3. Application metrics
  4. Centralised logging
  5. Distributed tracing

Section Objectives

  1. Understand code instrumentations in a cloud native application
  2. Have a big-picture view of what else is around a container
  3. Understand what health checks mean
  4. Understand why centralised logs are important
  5. Understand why distributed tracing is important
  6. Be able to discover an errored-out request using alerts, metrics, trace IDs and logs.


Activity 1: Trace the Error

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Next Steps

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References & Further Reading

  1. The Twelve-Factor App
  2. Pattern: Microservice chassis